West Palm Beach TOD

City of West Palm, Palm Beach County, Florida


January 22, 2005


Creation of a transit-oriented development in downtown West Palm Beach. A majority of the land is owned by public organizations–Palm Beach County, the State of Florida, and the Federal General Services Administration. The plan calls for the following:

  • New federal courthouse
  • 100-room hotel
  • Palm-Tran bus transfer station
  • Florida Department of Health expansion
  • New north/south street
  • “Anchor” retail
  • Mixed-use housing
  • Expansion of the American Red Cross
  • New elementary school
  • Workforce housing


    • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council: Marcela Camblor, Urban Design Studio Coordinator; Kim DeLaney, Growth Management Coordinator; Steven Fett, Urban Designer; Wynsum Hatton, Graphics Technician; Dana Little, Urban Designer


    • A+S Architects: Derrick Windell Smith

    • ArX Solutions, Inc.: Patricio Navarro, Lucio Sanjuan, Alejo Trejos

    • Seth Harry and Associates: Seth Harry

    • Urban Designers: Anna Maria Aponte, Jess Linn, Barry Mahaffey, Shailendra Singh, Sita Singh


    • Glatting Jackson: Walter Kulash, Wade Walker, Kimley Horn, Tim Stillings


    • Gibbs Planning Group: Robert Gibbs

    TOD Specialists

    • Citiventure: Marilee Utter
    • Parsons Brinkerhoff: G. B. Arrington
    • Reconnecting America: Shelly Poticha

    Housing Specialists

    • Economic Research Associates: Tom Lavash

    Development Economics

    • Staubach Associates: Jay Koster, John Pertchik
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