South Florida Avenue

City of Lakeland, Polk County, Florida


March 2017

Role & Program:

In March of 2016, the Florida Department of Transportation, District I, in collaboration with the Central Florida Regional Planning Council supported by the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council staff, and the City of Lakeland, Florida, entered into an agreement to study and implement ways to improve mobility, quality of life, and economic vitality along the South Florida Avenue (SR 37) corridor between Ariana Street and Pine Street in Lakeland, Florida.

The Florida Department of Transportation has a stated goal of promoting safety, quality of life, and economic development in the State of Florida. To implement this goal, the Department has put forth a policy to plan, design, construct, reconstruct and operate a context-sensitive system of “Complete Streets.” FDOT has identified a need to conduct a “Complete Streets” public design charrette for the South Florida Avenue corridor to explore roadway, economic development, infill redevelopment, and public policy improvements.

The CFRPC and TCRPC have coordinated a significant public involvement process, including a “Complete Streets” public design charrette, and conducted an economic development analysis and detailed traffic study on South Florida Avenue to assist FDOT in accomplishing these goals.

The primary study area for the project is the 1.4-mile section of South Florida Avenue from Pine Street to the north extending to Ariana Street to the south. Detailed analysis extended approximately 500 feet east and west of the corridor. For the purposes of better understanding market conditions, traffic patterns and volumes, and redevelopment potentials, the surrounding neighborhoods, and downtown is also included in the overall project analysis. The primary study area is within the City of Lake-land Community Redevelopment Agency Dixieland District and is adjacent to the CRA Downtown District.


  • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
    • Michael Busha, Executive Director
    • Thomas Lanahan, Deputy Executive Director
    • Dana Little, Urban Design Director
    • Stephanie Heidt, AICP, Economic Development & Intergovernmental Programs Director
  • Central Regional Planning Council
    • Patricia M Steed, Executive Director
    • Jennifer Codo-Salisbury, Deputy Director
    • Bob Crawley, Transportation Systems Manager
  • Urban Designers
    • JJV Studio: Jose Venegas
    • Juan Caurancho
    • Ricardo Lopez
    • Lauren Moss Clark
    • Shailendra Singh
    • Eloine Sabol
    • Anthea Gianniotes
    • JT Cinqemani
    • Andrew Georgiadis
  • Traffic Engineer
    • Shaun MacKenzie
  • Real Estate & Economic Advisors
    • WTL +Associates: Tom Lavash
    • RDS Retail & Development Strategies: Tom Moriarity