Hollywood SFTOD

City of Hollywood, Broward County, Florida


December 2017


The creation of a physical master plan for the anticipated Hollywood Tri-Rail Coastal Link Station Area, which considers roadway reconfigurations and desirable infill and redevelopment opportunities that support transit-oriented development, advance Complete Streets initiatives and reflect the community’s vision for the future of the City.


      • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council:
        • Michael Busha, Executive Director; Thomas Lanahan, Deputy Executive Director
        • Dana P. Little, Urban Design Director
        • Kim Delaney, Director of Strategic Development and Policy
        • Stephanie Heidt, Intergovernmental/Brownfields Coordinator
      • Rick Gonzalez, Architect
      • Vlad Dumitrescu, Architect
      • Camilo Lopez, Architect
      • Ricardo Lopez, Architect
      • Andrew Georgiadis, Architect
      • Jose J. Venegas, Architect
      • Steven Fett, Architect
      • Jessica Cortor Seymour, Architect
      • Thomas Lavash, Economic Analysis
      • Thomas Moriarti, Economic Analysis
      • Lauren Moss Clark, Urban Designer
      • Eloine Sabol, Urban Designer
      • Shailendrah Singh, Urban Designer
      • Aky Fernandez, Apprentice Architect

      And in coordination with the City of Hollywood, South Florida Regional Transportation Authority, South Florida Regional Planning Council, Florida Department of Transportation, and adjacent municipalities.