East Stuart Charrette

Stuart, Martin County, Florida


January 2002-2004

Role & Program:

The East Stuart is a historically African American neighborhood and one of the oldest neighborhoods of the City. The Charrette looked at 112 acres that included a wide array of community uses including eighteen acres of park, a school, and thirteen churches. The goal of the Charrette was to provide a framework to facilitate development, preserve the community’s heritage, enhance livability and sense of unity, and encourage design quality.

The Citizens’ master plan calls for the following:

    1. Build entry features
    2. Build mixed-use buildings along MLK Jr Blvd
    3. Redevelop the Taylor property into a Bahamian Village
    4. Improve connectivity
    5. Develop East Avenue as main street
    6. Landscaping, street furniture, traffic calming
    7. Save the McHardy building
    8. Renovate existing commercial buildings
    9. Expand the recreation center
    10. Redevelop the Gary Plaza


  • Michael Busha, Executive Director
  • Marcela Camblor, Urban Designer
  • Shirley Monroe, Graphics Technician
  • Juan Caurancho, Architect
  • Steven Fett, Architect
  • Dana Little, Urban Designer
  • Anthea Gianniotes, Urban Designer
  • Barry Mahaffey, Urban Designer
  • Rich McLaughlin, Urban Designer
  • Natasha Quintanilla, Urban Designer
  • Pedro Quintanilla, Urban Designer
  • Elena Romero, Urban Designer
  • Sita Singh, Urban Designer
  • Derrick Windell Smith, Urban Designer
  • A+S Architects, Urban Designers & Architects
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