North Miami

City of North Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County, Florida


February 27 – March 5, 1999


Creation of a Citizens’ Master Plan for the redevelopment of downtown North Miami Beach. The master plan includes the following:


  • Create a center and mainstreet for the city

  • Create and restore the public streets so they are pedestrian-friendly

  • Create and restore the public waterfront

  • Connect and restore the neighborhoods

  • Create new public places


    • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council: Michael Busha; Marcela Camblor; David Goodman; Shirley Monroe
    • A+S Architects: Derrick Smith; DeLeon-Fleites; Garcia-Pons; Maria DeLeon Fleites
    • Sardegna and Little, Partners, Inc.: Anthea Gianniotes, Eric Klinger, Dana Little, Mark Sardegna

    Urban Designer:

    • Trent Greenan
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