The Strategic Regional Policy Plan and Planning for            the Treasure Coast:       

The Region, Corridor, District and Neighborhood

A Series Dedicated to Education and Dialogue on
Regional Planning and Urban Design for the Treasure Coast Region




 June 19, 2009


OVERVIEW: The Strategic Regional Policy Plan, Regional Planning
and Urban Design: Components for Building a Healthy Region

Presentation by Michael Busha


July 17, 2009


The Neighborhood: Building Blocks of a Region

Presentation by Michael Busha                                   Presentation by Dana Little


October 16, 2009


The District and Corridor: Centers and Edges

Presentation by Dana Little


July 16, 2010


Streets, Blocks, and Alleyways: Interconnectivity and Detailing the Street

Presentation by Dana Little


September 17, 2010


Public Open Spaces: Creating Memorable Infrastructure

Presentation by Anthea Gianniotes


 October 15, 2010


Civic and Public Buildings: Placement and Priority

Presentation by Dana Little


 December 10, 2010


Mix of Uses: Vertical and Proximal Relationships

Presentation by Dana Little


 June 17, 2011


Mix of Housing: The Integration of Varying Building Types and Price Points

Presentation by Dana Little


 October 21, 2011


Building Typologies: Form, Density, Height, and Discipline

Presentation by Dana Little


 January 20, 2012


Parking: How to Handle the Necessary Nemesis

Presentation by Dana Little


 March 16, 2012


The Countryside: The Region’s Natural Infrastructure


 April 20, 2012


Regional Planning and Urban Design: An Odd, But Essential Couple