West Palm Beach Transit Village Charrette

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Project Brief


Downtown West Palm Beach as a transit village with many uses including transit, residential, government, retail, and educational
Major property ownership
View of new courthouse by Shailendra Singh
Aerial of transit village by ArX Solutions, Inc.
Date: January 22, 2005

Creation of a transit-oriented development in downtown West Palm Beach. A majority of the land is owned by public organizations--Palm Beach County, the State of Florida, and the Federal General Services Administration. The plan calls for the following:

1. new federal courthouse
  2. 100-room hotel
  3. Palm-Tran bus transfer station
  4. Florida Department of Health expansion
  5. new north/south street
  6. “anchor” retail
  7. mixed-use housing
  8. expansion of the American Red Cross
  9. new elementary school
  10. workforce housing
The Team:
  Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
  Marcela Camblor - Urban Design Studio Coordinator
  Kim DeLaney - Growth Management Coordinator
  Steven Fett - Urban Designer
  Wynsum Hatton - Graphics Technician
  Dana Little - Urban Designer
  A+S Architects: Derrick Windell Smith
  ArX Solutions, Inc. - Patricio Navarro, Lucio Sanjuan, Alejo Trejos
  Seth Harry and Associates: Seth Harry
  Urban Designers: Anna Maria Aponte, Jess Linn, Barry Mahaffey, Shailendra Singh, Sita Singh
  Glatting Jackson: Walter Kulash, Wade Walker
  Kimley Horn - Tim Stillings
  Retail Analysis
  Gibbs Planning Group: Robert Gibbs
  TOD Specialists
  Citiventure - Marilee Utter
  Parsons Brinkerhoff - G. B. Arrington
  Reconnecting America - Shelly Poticha
  Housing Specialists
  Economic Research Associates - Tom Lavash
  Development Economics
  Staubach Associates - Jay Koster, John Pertchik
Conducted in collaboration with the following:
  City of West Palm Beach
  Palm Beach County
  South Florida Regional Transportation Authority
  Florida Department of Transportation
  Palm Beach County MPO
  South Florida Regional Resource Center
  State of Florida
  FAU/South Florida Regional Resource Center
Charrette Documents
Opening Presentation West Palm Beach TOD Stakeholders' Meeting 3-31-06 Presentation
Work in Progress Presentation Jan 5, 2006 TCRPC presentation to City Council and Planning and Zoning
Nov 29, 2005 TOD Presentation      
3-D Videos
aerial view of study area pedestrian view along transit station
pedestrian view through downtown  
Order Items
Charrette Report Charrette Report on CD Work-in-Progress Presentation Master Plan with selected renderings (24” x 36”) Master Plan Poster with selected images (11 x 17)
Background Analysis
Market Study Workforce Housing Study
About the Charrette Process
Florida Department of Transportation
Palm Beach County
Palm Beach MPO
South Florida Regional Transportation Authority
South Florida Regional Resource Center
City of West Palm Beach
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