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On Planning

Suggested Strategy for the Sustainable Settlement of Florida (1996) 
A brief thesis conceptualizing how Florida can accommodate the next 15 million residents into its landscape without destroying or displacing its agrarian economy and natural resources that make Florida so attractive to live in, invest in, and visit.



The Florida East Coast Railroad: A Catalog of Coastal Cities and Redevelopment Opportunities Along the Corridor (1997) 
A graphic summary of proposals and opportunities to redevelop around historic rail stations from Vero Beach to Boca Raton.



Energy Planning in the Twenty-First Century: A Guide for Florida Communities (2000)
This report includes sections dealing with coordinated energy planning, energy efficiency and conservation, greater use of solar and other clean alternative energy resources, sustainable communities, energy efficient buildings, and energy efficient transportation systems. The energy-planning guide includes a comprehensive set of energy-related goals, strategies, and policies. This guide can be used as a model for local and state energy planning activities.