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Charrette Handbook 
The handbook takes the reader through the steps of conducting a successful charrette—a process used by the TCRPC in over 60 locations. The importance and value of charrettes, citizen master plans, and “planning in the public” is presented. A sample charrette report is also profiled in the handbook.



Patterns of Sustainable Development 
A summary of the fundamental building blocks of human settlement--from the neighborhood to the region. How neighborhoods and districts serves as the primary increments of growth that build healthy towns, cities, villages, and regions. Concepts are well-illustrated.



Suggested Strategy for Sustainable Development (1996) 
A brief thesis conceptualizing how Florida can accommodate the next 15 million residents into its landscape without destroying or displacing its agrarian economy and natural resources that make the state so attractive to live in, invest in, and visit.



Regional Attenuation Facility Task Force Report (1995) 
Documentation of efforts to improve the health of the St. Lucie River Estuary and Indian River Lagoon by creating large upland water storage areas to better manage freshwater flow to these estuaries. Includes the results of two citizen design charrettes focused on three potential candidate sites for the water storage areas.



Recapturing the Dream: Sustaining South Florida (Video) 1999 
A twenty-minute video showcases the challenges and opportunities in southeast Florida. The theme of the video includes the current state of Florida’s environmental and social well being and a vision of Florida’s future represented by the three interconnected circles of society, economy, and environment. The video features environmental and urban design efforts that serve as standards to foster viable, livable, and sustainable communities. The video can be used by governments and organizations to promote the concepts of sustainability, civic responsibility, and awareness of the critical issues impacting South Florida’s environment.