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Charrette Reports

Following is a list of reports and master plans documenting the results of several citizen design charrettes conducted by the TCRPC and others. Master plans range from the neighborhood to a regional level. Several of the titles focus on redevelopment and revitalization of towns and cities with a great emphasis on proper urban design strategies and architecture. All are richly illustrated with explanation of urban design and town-building principles for creating and recreating livable communities. Titles dated 1998 to the present are full-color publications. All reports are forty to eighty pages long.
Towns, Villages and the Countryside North St. Lucie County #TVC
TVC Land Development Regulations #TVCLDR
TVC Transfer of Development Rights Regulations #TVCTDR
City of Lake Worth Revitalization Plan and Urban Code: The Citizens’ View of the Ultimate Growth and Form of the City (1993) #16
Report to the Citizens: Stuart Downtown Redevelopment District (1989) #17
City of Fort Pierce Redevelopment and Revitalization Plan (1995) #18
South Martin County Charrette Report (1995) #19
Rural Town of White City Presentation and Redevelopment Plan (1994) #20
Town of Lake Park Redevelopment and revitalization Plan (1994) #21
Village of Royal Palm Beach: A Plan for Southern Boulevard and Adjacent Neighborhoods (1996) #22
Order Form A Neighborhood Plan for Jupiter Farms (1992) #23
North Federal Highway Redevelopment Area Master Plan: Identity Through Infill Delray Beach, Florida (1998) #24
City of Boynton Beach Redevelopment and Revitalization Plan (1994) #25
Southern Plaza Master Plan, City of West Palm Beach (1998)


Lake Park Expansion Master Plan (1998) #27
Miami Shores/El Portal: A Master Redevelopment Plan for the Next Millennium (1999) #33
Town of Sewall’s Point Master Plan: Bridges to the Sea (1999) #29
City of North Miami Beach Redevelopment Master Plan (1999)


City of Oakland Park Redevelopment Master Plan (1999) #31
Northwood Business Development Corporation: A Master Redevelopment Plan for a Mixed-Use Project (1999) #32
Overtown Redevelopment Area Design Charrette Report for the Citizens of Overtown, City of Miami (2000) #33
United Congregational Church of Christ Master Plan for Preservation and Redevelopment (1999) #34
Downtown Bartow Redevelopment Master Plan (1999) #35
Rural Village of Booker Park: A Master Plan for Preservation and Redevelopment (1999) #36
Greater Lake Okeechobee Regional Plan for Tourism in Towns, Countryside, and Freshwater Frontiers (1996) #37
Lake Worth Beach: A Citizens’ Master Plan (2000) #38
City of North Miami: A Citizens’ Master Plan for NE 6th Avenue (2000) #39
Plan for a Tri-Rail Transit Village in Boca Raton, Florida (2000) #40
County Road 512: City of Sebastian, Florida (2000) #41