A Citizens' Master Plan

Citizens' Master Plan
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The citizens of Northern St. Lucie County wanted to raise the quality of development to a higher level. From this ambition, the citizens created a Master Plan that
utilizes development as a tool to preserve large areas for the countryside
deals with water management comprehensively
addresses traffic and infrastructure needs
maintains the urban service boundary in it current location
Above all, the citizen's Master Plan accommodates the next fifty years of growth in a predictable manner that ensures the preservation of the residents' quality of life.
This Master plan is the tool for a historic turnaround. Great visions of what could be done have been drawn up. Coherent ideas for replacing the current pattern of growth have emerged from a community working together on this project. These are attainable visions, not just pretty pictures. The physical place that will growth during the next generation will be a national model of inspiration.
St. Lucie County and Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council receives the Florida Chapter of the American Planning Association 2006 Award of Excellence for the Towns, Villages and Countryside
Pictured are Valerie Hubbard, FAPA President, awarding Marcela Camblor and Anthea Gianniotes both fromt the TCRPC the Award of Excellence.

Part of the TVC team at the FAPA awards ceremony: Marcela Camblor, TCRPC; Michael Brillhart, St. Lucie County: Bill Spikowski, Spikowski Planning Associates; and Anthea Gianniotes, TCRPC.
St. Lucie North County Charrette Master Plan (work in progress)
St. Lucie North County Charrette Final Presentation