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Sustainable Reuse of Brownfields: The Vision

Sustainable Reuse of Brownfields: The Vision Brownfields: The Redevelopment Challenge
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TCRPC's vision for the sustainable reuse of brownfields is a continuation and natural outgrowth of its efforts to promote the creation of livable cities, towns, and villages within the Treasure Coast Region. The Treasure Coast Brownfields Program, funded by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is intended to facilitate the redevelopment and revitalization of brownfield areas within older communities, restore abandoned and under used sites to productive community-supported uses, and promote overall economic and environmental enhancement in communities.

The goal of TCRPC's Brownfields Program is to promote the reuse and redevelopment of abandoned commercial or industrial petroleum-contaminated brownfield sites within the Region by removing the uncertainty associated with the presence and extent of contamination.

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Brownfields: The Redevelopment Challenge

The Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council seeks to facilitate the redevelopment of petroleum-contaminated brownfields sites in the Treasure Coast Region through its Brownfield Site Assessment Assistance Program. A brownfield is defined as an abandoned or underutilized property with an active redevelopment potential that is complicated by either real or perceived environmental contamination. Once a source of jobs and economic benefits to the community, these sites frequently lie abandoned for fear of the contamination and the liability it implies. Remediation and redevelopment of brownfields reduces potential environmental hazards, encourages economic development, and efficiently uses existing infrastructure.

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Brownfields Site Assessment Assistance

The Treasure Coast Brownfields Program, through its provision of brownfields site assessment assistance to local governments, is designed to serve as a catalyst for redevelopment and revitalization in the targeted redevelopment areas of the Treasure Coast Region. TCRPC's Program provides a free environmental assessment service to local governments with qualifying petroleum-contaminated brownfield sites.

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Eligible Applicants

Any local government (city, village, town, county, redevelopment authority, community development agency, downtown development authority) is eligible to complete an application for brownfield site assessment assistance. The program is available to municipalities, prospective purchasers, and parties that would not be found liable for any existing contamination at the property.

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Eligible Sites

To qualify for Brownfields Site Assessment Assistance, the identified site should be abandoned, idle, or under used industrial or commercial property, and have the following:

real or perceived petroleum contamination
  a high degree of redevelopment or reuse potential
  no responsible party able to conduct the environmental investigation
  the support of the local government and the community

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Priority Brownfield Sites

The Treasure Coast Brownfields Program primarily seeks to assist the redevelopment of "viable" brownfield sites sponsored by local governments and other eligible applicants. TCRPC anticipates that the petroleum-contaminated brownfield sites that local governments propose for assessment activities will be in previously designated redevelopment areas such as an Enterprise Zone or Community Redevelopment Area. The following criteria will be used to establish relative priorities among sites where environmental site investigations are needed:

site control, access, and ownership transfer cannot be an impediment to assessment and future redevelopment
  sites must be currently abandoned or underutilized
  the site should have a local government commitment and community vision supporting redevelopment
  the site should have a proposed beneficial reuse
  the existing information should indicate a low to moderate contamination at the site
  there should be evidence of commitments in place for both cleanup (if necessary) and redevelopment
  the site's redevelopment or reuse should have the potential to contribute to the overall redevelopment and revitalization of the community

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Program Partners

TCRPC will work closely with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and EPA throughout all phases of its brownfields program. Specifically, DEP will be provided with the plans and reports for the Phase II environmental assessments conducted for their review and comment. TCRPC also anticipates working with DEP on TCRPC's public outreach activities as well.

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Eligible Site Assessment Activities

Under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, TCRPC will contract with a consultant to perform an environmental site investigation for a qualifying brownfield property at no cost to local governments, eligible property owners, or prospective purchasers. The environmental assessment is a critical first step to have abandoned or underutilized commercial or industrial properties put back into productive reuse. Qualified applicants can receive assistance for the following activities:

identification of eligible petroleum-contaminated brownfield sites
  environmental assessments on selected sites (Phase I or Phase II)
  pre-cleanup planning

Information discovered during a site investigation will be considered a public record and will be made available for review at TCRPC offices. For more information, please call Greg Vaday at the TCRPC at (772) 221-4060.

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